Photographer Tanya Traboulsi at NDU on Thursday June 5th

On June 5th 2014, The NDU photography department hosted photographer Tanya Traboulsi, where she presented her work and debated the aspects of photography with the students. Here is a link to her mini… Continue reading

Green Water

Tree in the city


Nature, Cityscape & Landscape

Photo- Journalist Hussein Baydoun at NDU on Wednesday April 30th

Photojournalist Hussein Baydoun currently working as a photographer for El-Nashra has been in the media business for seven years. The 27 year old photographer ¬†who worked with Al-Jadeed’s online section among other news… Continue reading



Workshop with photographer Edoardo Delille.

These photographs are from a workshop with photographer Edoardo Delille.


Inspired by different artists, these photographers tell us stories of their own in their unique way.

ONE DAY IN LIFE, A Workshop in Urban Creative Photography

This workshop was conceived as a live experience, for students willing to dive into the Beirut street life with a camera in their hand, and a defined collaborative project in mind. the aim… Continue reading