Terror less Beards By Cynthia Ghoussoub

“A beard is a responsibility, and I know the situation.” Hussein Sharaffedine On January 22nd 2014, a day after a suicide bomb attack hit Beirut’s southern suburb, Lebanese rapper Hussein Sharaffedine also known… Continue reading

Photojournalism today, A lecture by Patrick Baz

There’s no place like “home” By Blanche Eid

Is home defined by the space, the connotation or the identity of those who live under its roof? Or is it where the family meets? I have always thought about the lives of… Continue reading

Devotional Path by Blanche Eid

“What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the morning, what will you do with your evenings,… Continue reading

Debatable Storage Syndrome by Tarek Haddad

I’ve come to notice my mother’s collection of keep-tabs (also known as the housewife’s treasured Tupperware collection), half of which remains untouched. Knowing that there were always too many to use, I searched… Continue reading

Intimately Distant by Carmen Yahchouchi

Having the center of gravity of the house where you’ve been living for so many years, fall asleep on the couch every night while trying to pray the family’s ongoing troubles, can mean… Continue reading

where we first met by Marc Matar

This series started as an attempt to prove that memories of places remain even when time changes everything about a space. Memory that remains intact in people’s mind is what I translated in… Continue reading

Switzerland of the Middle East by Charbel El Khoury

Even at its best, Lebanon was still compared to a foreign country to prove to what extent we were famous, civilized and doing well. Switzerland of the Middle East remains a flagrant clue… Continue reading

Identity work by Blanche eid and elias khabsa

Trip to London and workshop at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester